Liquid Vibes

Little Blind is a small, artful nomadic brewery in Brooklyn. With a label that reminds us of groovy records…While some breweries rely on lactose or heavy vanilla additions to gain that creamy sensation, Little Blind achieved it with pure brewing skill and Heidelberg malt.

clear wine glass on brown wooden table
clear drinking glass with yellow liquid


8.5% ABV Double IPA showcasing the beautiful aromas and qualities that come from the terroir of the Southern Hemisphere

Liquid Art Project

Little Blind is a nomadic brewing project with roots in Brooklyn, NY and Ventura, CA. As the creative medium of beer evolves one must study, experience, learn and respond. With the help of the incredibly talented brewing teams at each production brewery, Little Blind aims to create beers that are a reflection of continuous research and the endless pursuit of education in brewing.

a couple of hands holding glasses of beer